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Wear of the de Fleury Medal 


6 May 1998 

To Whom It May Concern 

SUBJECT: Wear of the de Fleury Medal 

1. Specific guidance for the wear of the de Fleury Medal with the Army uniform is governed by AR 670‑ dated I September 1992, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia. 

2. AR 670‑1, para 28‑13 is the reference for Badges authorized for wear on Army uniforms. Subpara d states: . . . "Badges of civic and quasi‑military societies of the United States and international organizations of a military nature. The badges are worn only while the wearer is actually attending meetings or functions of such organizations. These badges will not be worn to and from such meetings". 

3. The Soldier Policy Branch (responsible for AR 670‑1) of the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, (703) 697‑6912 states that is the only guidance to be forthcoming regarding the de Fleury Medal wear. They have determined that medals such as the de Fleury, St Joan, and St Barbara are considered to be a badge. 

4. The AR 670‑1 defines a badge as an award to an individual for identification purposes or for attaining a special skill or proficiency. 

5. The Corps of Engineers Regiment, upon initiation of the medal in 1989, directed that the medal only be worn to formal Engineer Regiment sponsored dinners, events, dinings‑in and dinings‑out, balls, and other formal occasions or functions that will not detract from the dignity of the award. Civilian attire should be at the coat and tie level of dress. The medal should be worn around the neck with the helmeted soldier facing out and in view 


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